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The MemorySleep™ Mattress Topper
The MemorySleep™ Mattress Topper
The MemorySleep™ Mattress Topper
The MemorySleep™ Mattress Topper
The MemorySleep™ Mattress Topper
The MemorySleep™ Mattress Topper
The MemorySleep™ Mattress Topper
The MemorySleep™ Mattress Topper

The MemorySleep™ Mattress Topper

Features 2 or 4" of supportive MemorySleep™ material perfect for improving almost any bed.

MemorySleep™ Hybrid Material

Double-Sided Design

100 Night Trial

Why The MemorySleep™ Mattress Topper is the Best

Made with 2 or 4 inches of combined latex and memory foam, the MemorySleep topper promises optimal support, cushioning and pressure relief no matter your sleeping position.

MemorySleep™ Hybrid Material

The latex provides great support, elasticity and resilience while the memory foam provides comfortable cushioning and pressure relief.

Honeycomb Air Holes to Keep You Cool & Dry

Honeycomb, also known as the natural air conditioning system, effectively emits heat and moisture generated by the body.

Double-Sided Design For All Seasons

Simply flip the mattress to use the jacquard texture side during spring, fall and winter and the 3D breathable mesh during summer.

Safe & Eco-Friendly Latex From Thailand

From the forrests of Thailand we receive the eco-friendly & non-toxic rubber juice used to produce the latex in all our mattresses.

The MemorySleep™ Mattress Toppers 4-Layers For Optimal Sleep

Every layer in the MemorySleep mattress topper is there for one reason; to make you sleep better! The goal with the MemorySleep topper is to make you feel recovered and full of energy each and every day, no matter your sleeping position or the season of the year.

What People Say About The MemorySleep™ Mattress Topper

Customer image

For a few years I slept on a thin topper that came with my spring mattress. After buying the MemorySleep topper it took about 2 weeks for my morning stiffness and minor aches to dissapear. So happy I made the purchase!

Jamie Shelton, Verified Buyer

Customer image

I bought this mattress because I have hip arthritis and hence need to sleep on something that provides a lot of pressure relief and support. I was a bit hesitant at first because I really wanted to make sure that the topper would work for me. The 100-night trial convinced me to try. Very glad I did!

Martin Jackman, Verified Buyer

Customer image

I absolutely love the topper. Very comfortable and supportive at the same time. Me and my spouse bought it a couple months ago and it's still summer, so we have only used the breathable mesh side so far. But, it's amazing at removing heat and keeping us cool even during the warmest nights.

Jessie Nguyen, Verified Buyer

More Details


• Single: 35" x 74"

• Small Double: 47" x 74"

• Queen: 60" x 80"

• Super King: 70" x 80"

*Dimensions of each individual topper may vary slightly.
*A topper that is 2" bigger or smaller (length and/or width) than your mattress is acceptable


• Basic shipping (free - tracking excluded): 30-45 days

• FedEx IP ($50 - tracking included): 14-21 days

*Covid-19 has put a delay on shipping times with approximately 5-7 days for all shipping methods. 


• Choose between 2 or 4" thickness

• Improves to comfort of most types of mattresses, especially spring mattresses

• Easy to fold, convenient to store and to bring on a trip

• Elastic straps to lock the topper to your mattress


Do NOT wash or dry clean the MemorySleep™ Topper. The cover can be washed in cold water, dried on a cool setting or air dryed which is recommended. Do not use chlorine products or harsh stain removers.


We offer a 100-night trial and the mattress can be returned for free during this period. Read our Return Policy here.


5 Year Limited Warranty > Learn More

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 Mattress Topper