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✔️Aligns you spine - The MemorySleep pillow aligns your spine in a neutral position for ultimate pressure relief and support, no matter if you sleep on your back, side or stomach!

✔️Ensures proper sleep posture - With the help of cutting-edge technology, MemorySleep ensures proper sleep posture all night which allows your muscles to relax.

✔️Next gen memory foam - The only pillow that instantly adapts to your head and neck for personalized comfort

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How the MemorySleep pillow work

The MemorySleep pillow is built with a four-curve-system that is ergonomically designed for keeping an optimal sleeping posture.

MemorySleep keeps your head and neck in perfect alignment with your spine, no matter your sleeping position. This will improve your sleep quality and make you feel well-rested upon waking and during the day. It's also highly effective at reducing neck, back and shoulder pain.

"While a regluar pillow keeps your spine misaligned, the MemorySleep pillow does not!"

The four-curve-system

The first curve - For back sleepers

The second curve - For side sleepers

The third curve - For optimal pressure relief

The fourth curve - For stomach sleepers

Next gen memory foam - Ultimate support & pressure relief

Sleep in harmony :)

Skin friendly organic bamboo covers


• Size: 50*30*10cm or 60*34*11cm    
• Weight: 0.65/1 kg


Your package will reach your door within 1-5 business days